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Michael Kristensen: Straumann® Bone Level Tapered Implant in combination with botiss xenografts and Emdogain®

  Straumann® Bone Level Taperted implants have a high primary stability in sites with reduced bone quality or quantity, as in this case with simultaneous sinus lifting, immediate insertion in the extraction socket and a resorbed ridge. botiss xenografts were safely used in the GBR procedures of this case, and Emdogain® may have had a positive effect on healing in terms of less swelling and pain in the initial healing phase. PICTURE DOCUMENTATION Fig. 1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig. 4 Fig. 5 Fig. 6 Fig. 7 Fig. 8 Fig. 9 Fig. 10 Fig. 11 Fig. 12 Fig. 13 Fig. 14 Fig. 15 Fig. 16 Fig. 17 Fig. 18 Fig. 19 Fig. 20 Fig. 21 Fig. 22 Fig. 23 Fig. 24 Fig. 25 Fig. 26 Fig. 27 Fig. 28 Fig. 29 Fig. 30 Fig. 31 Fig. 32 Fig. 33 Fig. 34 Fig. 35 Fig. 36 Fig. 37 INITIAL SITUATION The patient, a healthy non-smoking 86-year-old female, had lost two previous fixed bridges due to decay. Only implants 21, 22 and 23 remained in the upper jaw together with tooth 11, which had to be extracted due to decay. (Figs. 1 – 3) SURGICAL PROCEDURE The provisional prosthesis was used as a surgical guide (Figs. 4 – 5) to mark the implant positions 13 and 15. A full flap including site 11 was raised. An open sinus lifting procedure (window technique) was performed in region 15, and the sinus mucosa was lifted without perforation (Figs. 6 – 8). Thanks to a remaining bone height of 5 mm, the 10 mm Bone Level Tapered (BLT) Regular CrossFit® (RC) (SLActive®) implant could be placed simultaneously with primary stability. After preparation of the implant site (Fig. 15), a botiss collacone® max was hydrated and split into two pieces (Figs. 9 – 11). The first piece was placed in the sinus (Fig. 12) and the implant inserted (Fig. 13), and the second collacone® piece was placed to cover the implant and the sinus opening (Figs. 14 – 15). In region 13, a 14 mm BLT RC implant was placed (Figs. 34 – 37 and 39). Due to resorption of the buccal bone after the former extraction of tooth 13, on the buccal side 4 mm of the implant was not covered with bone and had to be augmented with a GBR procedure (Figs. 16 – 19). Tooth 11 was extracted with a Benex extraction device so as to preserve as much bone as possible. However, in the apical area there was a fenestration defect due to chronic apical periodontitis (Fig. 20). A 16 mm BLT RC implant was placed with high primary stability (Fig. 21 – 22). The gap between the implant and socket was filled with botiss collacone® max (Fig. 17). The apical fenestration 11 was filled with botiss cerabone®, and the buccal aspect was overcontoured (Fig. 17). The same botiss cerabone® was used to cover the bone defect on implant 13 (Fig. 17). The augmentation was covered with botiss Jason® membranes (Figs. 18 – 19). Finally, Emdogain® was used on top of the membrane (Figs. 23 – 24). The periosteum was cut to obtain primary closure in all sites (Fig. 25). Deep horizontal mattress sutures and interrupted sutures were used to close the flap (Fig. 26). Healing was uneventful with no pain and only minor swelling (Fig. 27). PROSTHETIC PROCEDURE After six months’ healing time, and because of the sinus lifting procedure, a small incision was made on top of the crest to place healing abutments (Fig. 28). After two weeks’ healing time (Fig. 29), the impression copings for closed tray were placed and bite registration was performed on the distal ones. An impression was taken in a closed tray with Flexitime®. Three individual Straumann® CAD titanium abutments were designed in the lab and ordered (Fig. 30). The abutments and a full zirconia 5-unit bridge were delivered and tried in the biscuit phase, and the esthetics and the occlusion were tested and corrected (Figs. 31-33). The bridge was returned to the lab for veneering and finalization and was cemented a few days later. FINAL RESULT A 5-unit bridge was delivered on implants in positions 15, 13 and 11, and a 3-unit bridge was delivered on implant 25 and the existing implant 23 (Figs. 34 – 37). The patient was very happy with the esthetics and the function. The lab work was by Dentolab, Viborg, Denmark. Michael Kristensen D.D.S. Royal Dental College, University of Aarhus, Denmark. Curriculum Implantologie Goethe Universität Frankfurt, Germany. Private Practice Aarhus Tandcenter, Denmark. Speaker for Straumann in Denmark. THE BLT IMPLANT All articles about the Straumann® Bone Level Tapered Implant. CLICK HERE BIOMATERIALS All articles about the Straumann Biomaterials portfolio. CLICK HERE SUBSCRIBE Subscribe to our monthly STARGET newsletter. CLICK HERE The post Michael Kristensen: Straumann® Bone Level Tapered Implant in combination with botiss xenografts and Emdogain® appeared first on STARGET COM.

Straumann at IDS 2017: Rocking dentistry like never before!

  March 21-25 2017: More than ever before, Straumann will surprise dentistry at the International Dental Show in Cologne, Germany, by presenting a horn of plenty of innovations, product novelties and services that will shake up the market. Virtual Reality worlds plus a breathtaking show during IDS will rock you to the core. Visit our IDS campaign websites for more information and be there when Straumann raises the roof of the Cologne exhibition hall! Hands in the air for Virtual Reality & Live Rock sessions! Let yourself be  transported to a world of Virtual Reality, with surprising perspectives on groundbreaking innovations. Put on the VR glasses and experience an unparalleled video and audio experience combining information, science and virtual reality. Then let yourself be entertained by live rock sessions and the classic Straumann booth party – every evening during IDS! Who will be the winner of the Straumann® Rock Guitar? This extraordinary piece of art has been handbuilt by one of the most talented guitar makers with original Straumann® parts. Who has submitted the most impressive performance and gained the hearts of the audience? On Friday, March 24 at 17:00 you will find out when we officially hand over the guitar to the winner! The post Straumann at IDS 2017: Rocking dentistry like never before! appeared first on STARGET COM.

The Award: “Excellence in Prosthodontics” – powered by Straumann!

  Straumann partners with Zerodonto – the world’s largets independant online dental community – in the “Excellence in Prosthodontics Award”. Dentists jointly with dental technicians can submit their cases (which need to showcase their collaboration) in February. The winner of the award will get a Straumann® CARES® Intraoral Scanner.   The contest is open to teams (dentists and dental technicians) from all over the world. Each team may submit a single case report about Prosthodontics, posting all the documentary material, from 1 of February to 28 of February, directly on the group Zerodonto Dentistry Contest at this address: or sending everything to: ( provides a useful service to send big attachments). Please start your description with the hashtag #theaward2017. It will be mandatory to send from 3 to 50 pictures (JPEG, PNG) and a brief description of the clinical case, in English, preferably including technical steps from laboratory and the scientific rationale for the treatment plan. Every image can include more than one photo. Submit your case First Prize: Straumann® CARES® Intraoral Scanner  Judges: Pascal Magne and Michel Magne 1-28 February 2017 Submit your case The submitted clinical cases will be entirely posted online also in Zerodonto’s website, in order to give the widest visibility to all participants. You will also find them on the AIOP website. Every clinical case will also find place with a preview on Zerodonto Facebook page. The Evaluation Committee, headed by Pascal Magne and Michel Magne, will select the best three cases on the basis of the following parameters: initial situation, final result, grading of difficulty, operative sequence and documentation. Then, the best three cases will be highlighted on the web for a week here and also on AIOP website and you all will have the possibility of choosing your favorite case, by clicking like or heart ❤️. PRIZES Straumann will provide its CARES® Intraoral Scanner as first prize. AIOP will invite the winners in occasion of the IX Mediterranean Meeting held April 7-8, 2017, in Riccione (Italy); furthermore, the winners will present the clinical case to the audience (accomodation included and 10-15 minute reporting to audience). AIOP will also provide a coDiagnostiX Guided Surgery Software (producer ver.) for the winning team. The prize giving will take place during the AIOP IX Mediterranean Meeting The American Prosthodontics Society, will invite the winners in Chicago next year in occasion of the Annual Meeting of the APS. APS will support travel (economy airfare) and 2 nights lodging for the recipient of the award. The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry will announce the winners of the competition with a photograph in the news and notes section of the journal. Furthermore, the winning case report will be published on ZERODONTO. The Award – Excellence in Prosthodontics First Prize: Straumann® CARES® Intraoral Scanner  Judges: Pascal Magne and Michel Magne 1-28 February 2017 (Greenwich Mean Time) A collaboration between: AIOP (Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry) APS (The American Prosthodontic Society) JPD (Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry) ZERODONTO (Free Blog of Dentistry) powered by Straumann Submit your case The post The Award: “Excellence in Prosthodontics” – powered by Straumann! appeared first on STARGET COM.

6th Implantology & Oral Rehabilitation Congress (IORC) in Lisbon, Portugal

  On April 7th and 8th, the Caramês Advanced Education Center® in Lisbon will be hosting the 6th edition of the IORC (Implantology & Oral Rehabilitation Congress), featuring internationally renowned speakers from all over the world. This event, sponsored by Straumann, is intended to be an update on the latest techniques and developments in implantology and oral rehabilitation. This 6th edition will also receive the 1st IORC Junior Summit and highlight the importance of every team member within the oral rehabilitation workflow by including courses for dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental technicians. Learn more: The promoter, Caramês Advanced Education Center® in Lisbon, is a dental education center with renowned support and lecturers from all over the world. It provides high-end education events for all dental professions. Learn more: Looking forward to seeing you in beautiful Lisbon! The post 6th Implantology & Oral Rehabilitation Congress (IORC) in Lisbon, Portugal appeared first on STARGET COM.


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