Digital Performance

Anything that can be digitized will be digitized. Stay ahead of the competition and become a leader in digital dentistry – with Straumann® CARES® Digital Solutions, our comprehensive and flexible digital offering. It is dedicated to your specific needs and to make your daily practice life easier, more efficient, more predictable and more profitable. Straumann® CARES® combines carefully selected, best-in-class dental equipment with the latest digital technology, premium materials and customized services for seamless, open and fully validated digital workflows.

  • Competitiveness

    Offer a broader range of prosthetic solutions and services.

  • Quality

    Ensure consistent high-quality results through fully validated, streamlined workflows.

  • Profitability

    Capitalize on efficient, optimized digital solutions.

  • Productivity

    Increase accuracy and daily unit production, reduce milling times.

  • Simplicity

    Reduce complexity and the need to migrate between different systems.

  • Flexibility

    Full flexibility thanks to open standards and third-party connectivity.



Playing together seamlessly.

Straumann CARES Digital for dental labs
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Straumann® Guided Surgery

More than integrated workflows. Immediate digital tooth replacement.
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Straumann® Pro Arch

Quick Guide
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Straumann® Pro Arch TL

Basic Information
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Straumann® Variobase® C

More than a Ti-base.
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Videos & Animations

Chris May, May Dental Arts St. Louis, Missouri USA

Straumann® CARES® CADCAM
V0018-en 30.01.2013 M4V, 49 MB

German Bär, Dental-Studio, Sankt Augustin GmbH, 53757 Sankt Augustin, Germany

Straumann® CARES® CADCAM
V0021-en 30.01.2013 M4V, 37 MB

Javier Pérez & Beatriz Veiga, Internacional Design Studio Galicia, Spain

Straumann® CARES® CADCAM
V0020-en 30.01.2013 M4V, 78 MB

Straumann® CARES® Music Clip

Digital Performance Tour 2016/2017
V0075-en 01.06.2017 WMV, 258 MB

Straumann® Guided Surgery

Access to the digital experience
V0064-en 01.06.2017 MP4, 19 MB

Terry Charters, Charter Dental Arts Lab Inc. Winchendon, Massachusetts USA

Straumann® CARES® CADCAM
V0019-en 30.01.2013 M4V, 42 MB
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Scientific evidence

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Product Catalog 2017/2018

Straumann International Edition
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International Course Calendar 2017

More than education
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