Straumann Analystengespräche

(Videos nur in Englischer Sprache verfügbar):

Straumann analyst talk 10th edition: Carla Bänziger, Bank Vontobel (May 2017)

Interview with the Italian periodontist Dr Mario Roccuzzo

Straumann analyst talk 9th edition: Jeff Johnson from Robert W. Baird (March 2017)

Jefferey Johnson from Robert W. Baird & Co. interviews our Frank Hemm, EVP Marketing & Education

8th Edition: Patrick Wood, Citigroup (September 2016)

Patrick Wood from Cititgroup interviews our CEO Marco Gadola

7th Edition: Half-year 2016 results feat. Alex Kleban (August 2016)

Alex Kleban interviews our CFO Peter Hackel in the context of our 2016 Half-Year results conference.

6th Edition: EAO 2015, Stockholm feat. Michael Jüngling

Michael Jüngling from Morgan Stanley interviews our CEO at the EAO 2015 in Stockholm.

5th Edition: IDS 2015, Cologne feat. Richard Latz

Analyst Talk

Richard Latz from HSBC interviews Frank Hemm, Head of Customer Solutions & Education at the International Dental Show 2015 in Cologne (IDS).

4th Edition: 3rd Quarter 2014 feat. Lisa Clive

Analyst Talk 4th edition

Lisa Clive from Sanford C. Bernstein interviews our CEO in the context of the value price segment.

3rd Edition: EAO 2014, Rome feat. Tom Jones

Tom Jones from Bank Berenberg interviewed Straumann's CEO at the EAO 2014 dental congress in Rome 

2nd edition: Full-year 2013 results feat. Daniel Jelovcan

Daniel Jelovcan from Bank Vontobel interviews our CEO in the context of our full-year 2013 results

1st Edition: Half-Year 2013 Results feat. Christoph Gretler

Straumann Analyst Talk

Christoph Gretler from Credit Suisse interviews our CEO in the context of our halfyear 2013 results