Another legend is born:

Small, Strong and enduring

Straumann® BLT Ø 2.9 mm.

The SmallOne with a strong heritage. Built on legendary science.

Dedicated small-diameter implant having all to inspire trust in an implant solution for narrow interdental spaces or ridges: Less invasive and truly reliable with a pleasing outcome.

Less invasive*

A perfect combination of shape, strength and healing power in a Ø 2.9 mm implant

  • Tapered design – improved primary stability
  • Roxolid® – outstanding mechanical strength and reduced invasiveness with smaller implants
  • SLActive® – extensive healing power, designed to maximize treatment success and predictability

Natural looking esthetics

Novel prosthetic design closely matches the anatomy of the teeth

  • Unique oval shape for soft tissue
  • Consistent emergence profile
  • Three gingiva heights
  • Small CrossFit™ conical indexed connection for long-term mechanical stability

Full strength

A strong and reliable treatment option thanks to Roxolid®

  • Reliability with 35 Ncm tightening torque like all other Straumann® abutments
  • Lifetime Plus Guarantee. We are so confident in the quality of our implants that all Straumann® Bone Level Tapered Implants Ø 2.9 mm are covered by our Straumann®
  • Lifetime Plus Guarantee for Roxolid® implants.

*if GBR can be avoided