Straumann Symposium

Patient expectations challenge treatment standards

Dental implant treatment has become an accepted standard in dentistry today. In addition, patients are often well informed and seek specific treatment options. Consequently, patients not only expect a reliable and predictable replacement of missing teeth with dental implants, they are also interested in optimal solutions to suit their individual needs.

In dentistry today, ceramic materials are widely accepted in prosthetic reconstruction. Contrary to this, implants made from Zirconium-dioxide are not yet part of the standard treatment but can be an attractive alternative to titanium. Daniel Thoma will give deep insight into the current status of dental ceramic in prosthetics and implant therapy.

Fully edentulous patients who require reconstruction are often suffering from resorbed ridges. In these situations the placement of dental implants can be challenging, expensive and may also require additional invasive augmentation procedures. As a result, patients require a restorative treatment option that is both cost effective and reliable. 

Some patients accept implant treatment only if it can be done with the least possible surgical intervention. Reduced diameter implants may help to avoid the need for bone augmentation and a new and unique implant material enables this option further. In his presentation, Stephen Chen will summarize the scientific evidence with TiZr implants, while also highlighting the possibilities in clinical practice.