Our brand

A recognized value in the markets of implant, restorative and regenerative dentistry.

Straumann Corporate Movie 2014

Our brand is our most valuable asset

In an increasingly crowded global marketplace, our global brand is an essential tool. Over more than half a century, the Straumann brand has evolved into what it is today, built on the company’s reputation for reliability, innovation, clinical excellence and service. We strengthen, promote and defend our brand passionately.

Consistency in our appearance

The repeated and consistent use of branding elements increases customer recognition. Our Corporate Design/Corporate Identity policy has been crucial to how we present ourselves to both our customers and employees. Our primary color, the Straumann Green, the Straumann logo and various branding visuals are key to this policy.

Our brand of behavior: ‘Committed to simply doing more for dental professionals’

Logos, visuals and brand names are just part of our branding activities. Our guiding principle ‘Committed to simply doing more for dental professionals’ is the brand of behavior that we want all our stakeholders to perceive. Our brand promise comprises our vision and mission, our core beliefs and our Code of Conduct – accordingly, it concerns each employee.


Committed to ‚Simply doing more‘ for dental professionals