Beat Spalinger - President & CEO

Gilbert Achermann
Chairman of the Board

“Sustainability at Straumann means carefully considering the long-term impacts of today’s decisions on our business, our customers, our employees, and the communities in which we operate.”

Sustainability in our past and future

Straumann has come through an extremely challenging period of global economic turmoil without compromising on quality, customer service, innovation, education and employment.

In 2012 we will maintain our commitment to:

  • the success of every customer,
  • the well-being of every patient,
  • evidence-based dentistry, and
  • ethical sales and marketing activities.

In 2010 we began work on our ‘Vision 2020’ project, which looks at how Straumann can best serve the needs of customers and patients over the next ten years. This strategic priority is one of the most important steps towards a sustainable tomorrow.

Please see our Sustainability Report for more information.

Our responsibility

Contributing to patients’ quality of life in a manner that benefits internal and external stakeholders and duly respects the environment.

Our employees

A diverse, engaged team with a passion for ‘simply doing more’ for a sustainable future.

Our customers

Customers are our inspiration. We make it a priority to maintain and strengthen our commitment to their needs.

Our communities

As a responsible corporate citizen, we want to make a difference by supporting those in need of basic dental care

Our environmental protection

We continuously refine our products and processes to conserve resources.