Customers are our inspiration. We make it a priority to maintain and strengthen our commitment to their needs.

Understanding our customers

Straumann addresses the needs of a broad range of customers across dentistry, including general practitioners and specialists, dental laboratories and technicians.  

Ethical and clear communication

Truthfulness and accuracy of our marketing material are essential. Much of the scientific information used to endorse our products is peer-reviewed. We adhere to guidelines that provide marketing materials which are ethical and accurate.

Services beyond solutions

Our CRM-based, direct sales model enables us to build individual relationships with our customers and to add significant value to our Services – for example in practice building, or new product training.

Patient safety and quality

Quality, performance, and reliability are the core of our corporate responsibility and success. To maintain and raise our high standards, we offer extensive education and training in collaboration with the ITI and dental schools around the world.

We meet all regulatory requirements to ensure compliance, safety and effectiveness in product design and production, and do not accept shortcuts to market in order to boost short-term sales.

We adhere to the precautionary principle of risk management and voluntarily perform field safety corrective actions in alignment with the applicable laws and regulations whenever product issues arise.