Environmental protection

We continuously refine our products and processes to conserve resources.

More than laws and regulations

At Straumann, environmental protection means more than complying with applicable laws and regulations relating to environmental protection, health, and safety in the workplace. Instead, environmental concerns are an integral part of responsible business practice. Each employee is encouraged to consider environmental protection as a part of their daily responsibility.

Environmental protection in production processes

Ensuring the safety and quality of our products is our priority in all production processes. When evaluating the manufacturing of our products, our main focus lies on the following:

  • Optimize titanium and other raw materials consumption
  • Minimize paper waste
  • Monitor electricity consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Minimize water consumption
  • Minimize waste in the form of refuse, contaminated materials, solvents and hydroxide sludge

You can find more detailed data and figures on environmental protection at Straumann in our Sustainability Report.

Also, learn more about our Code of Conduct, which encourages employees to consider the protection of the environment.