Our responsibility

Contributing to patients’ quality of life in a manner that benefits internal and external stakeholders and duly respects the environment.

Sustainable contribution to the quality of life

Enhancing the quality of life for patients through our innovative and lasting dental solutions is our most essential contribution to sustainability. To ensure that our solutions do indeed last long and offer peace of mind, we focus strongly on research and development, quality, and extensive education.

At the same time, we work hard to ensure that our business practices are also sustainable. This includes fostering a culture built on strong principles, attractive working conditions and equal opportunity. It also involves continuously measuring and managing our comparatively small environmental impacts.

The prominent external factors influencing our business are global economic conditions and the longterm development of our markets. Long-term demographic trends favor the development of dental markets. Since many of our products are predominantly used by older patients who experience dental complications as they age, the growing percentage of people aged 60+ will likely have a significant impact on the long-term development of our markets.

Aside from this, as a responsible company we recognize that many people do not have access even to basic dental care. For this reason, Straumann supports charitable activities that have provided dental treatment for several thousand underprivileged people in recent years, including many children.

Transparency: GRI sustainability reporting

An important part of responsible corporate behavior at Straumann is a continuous and open dialogue with shareholders and stakeholders. In order to increase transparency, the sustainability reporting within the annual report has been based on the guidelines disseminated by the Global Reporting Initiative.

GRI is a non-profit, multi-stakeholder organization that strives to provide companies with a systematic basis for disclosure regarding sustainability performance.

Find out more in our Sustainability Report.