Replacement solutions

We built the Straumann® Dental Implant System on the basis of simplicity. One system with one kit is used for all indications.

Our implant portfolio

The implants in the Straumann® Dental Implant System are used to replace individual teeth, to carry multi-unit bridges, and to attach fixed or removable full dentures:

Straumann® Soft Tissue Level implants

The Straumann® Soft Tissue Level Implants are designed to simplify treatment. The one-stage surgical procedure will allow you to save time and increase efficiency in your practice. Cover a wide range of indications with 3 different implant lines – Standard, Standard Plus and Tapered Effect.

Straumann® Bone Level implants

For a natural look and feel. The Straumann® Bone Level Implant Line provides great flexibility to deliver an esthetically pleasing solution to patients.

SLActive® surface

with proven osseointegration properties: The SLActive® surface is designed to offer shorter healing times, improved bone formation and therefore reduced risk of implant loss.1


Roxolid® is a groundbreaking material specifically designed for the use in dental implantology. The titanium-zirconium alloy is stronger than pure titanium6,7 and has excellent  osseointegration properties8-10. This combination of properties is unique in the market – there is no other metallic alloy which unifies high mechanical strength and osteoconductivity.

Prosthetic components and tools

Straumann implants are complemented by a range of standard and custom prosthetic components (abutments), which connect the implant to the crown of the replacement tooth. Straumann supplies the corresponding precision instruments, guided surgery tools and handling components.


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1 Straumann® SLActive Scientific Evidence, Fifth Edition, 2010.

6 Norm ASTM F67 (states min. tensile strength of annealed titanium).

7 Data on file for Straumann cold-worked titanium and Roxolid® Implants.

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