Restorative Solutions

The implant provides the foundation, but the bite comes with the prosthetics, which are equally important.

While implant dentistry has always been a key area for innovation, many advances are being made in prosthetics and in digital dentistry. Substitution of standard implant prosthetics with digitally individualized components is an important trend. Customers appreciate the advantages of high-precision CADCAM  solutions, since they offer efficiency gains for clinicians as well as time/cost savings, greater comfort and lasting satisfaction for patients.

Computer-aided Restorative Solutions

Computer-aided design/manufacturing (CADCAM) is used to design and fabricate prosthetic crowns,
bridges, onlays and inlays more efficiently than traditional methods. The cornerstones of our CADCAM system are its software (CARES Visual) for scanning, designing and ordering, and our milling centers in Germany and the US, which manufacture the prosthetic elements. Our partnership with Dental Wings enables us to offer state-of-the-art in-lab scanners and access to third-party scanners via the Dental Wings Open Software (DWOS) platform. The CARES system also offers access to users of other systems e.g. 3Shape, Exocad, 3M ESPE.

Thanks to our open system, users have several data input possibilities and the option of producing prosthetics through the CARES validated workflow (covered by our guarantee) or through alternative milling processes, if desired (except in the US, where milling has to be performed by a Straumann
milling center).

The X-Stream functionality in CARES Visual enables customers to design abutments and the corresponding full-contour crown or coping simultaneously from a single scan instead of two. Milled for excellent fit and consistent quality in a controlled environment at our etkon facilities, prosthetic parts are then delivered together, significantly reducing turnaround time and shipping costs.

Screw-retained implant abutments

Straumann makes a broad range of standard implant abutments which connect the implant to the prosthetic tooth or denture. In 2014, we launched a new portfolio of screw-retained abutments to address the challenging needs of edentulous patients who want reliable, esthetic, full-arch dentures that are fixed rather than removable.

Designed to achieve excellent esthetic and functional results, our new screw-retained full-arch restorations cater for individual clinical situations, including cases where tilted implants are inevitable. The portfolio also allows for immediate positioning of a temporary dental prosthesis. During the development program, the abutments were subjected to more than 5000 hours of rigorous hydropulser tests, representing no fewer than 280 million human biting cycles.

A combination of scientifically proven impant and prosthetic technology

Straumann Pro Arch is a comprehensive solution that includes a broad range of implants, and abutments as well as CADCAM frameworks, bars, bridges and other components that enable clinicians and dental  technicians to provide accelerated fixed fullarch tooth replacements. Our proven implant system with  outstanding osseointegration and healing properties includes the new-generation Bone Level Tapered  implant, offering high stability for immediate or early loading. With our SLActive surface  implant healing time is reduced and final stability is achieved faster than with the conventional SLA surface.

The Pro Arch system includes a selection of new sleek abutments, which offer a wide range of prosthetic options. In addition, Straumann now offers custom-milled bar and bridge options right up to a full-arch – to carry the final restoration.