Service excellence and customer reach make up the other side of Straumann‘s competitive edge.

Services and support

In addition to an innovative product portfolio, we provide our customers with various personalized services through our direct sales model. Our services include:

  • Practice-building tools to help improve customers’ standards
  • Business-building initiatives through educational programs or by providing access to referral networks
  • Straumann® Patient Pro - The plus for your business
  • Customer hotline for product-related support

Straumann sales representatives also receive intensive internal training in implant products and procedures and can provide qualified information.

As part of our support to dental labs, we constantly update our Straumann® CARES® Visual software and offer real-time remote access support. To facilitate remote support, the Straumann® CARES® Scan CS2 scanner features a built-in camera, enabling us to literally see the problem and address it.

Services for long-term satisfaction

We want to make sure that our products and services offer the long-term satisfaction our customers and their patients need.

  • Straumann® Classic
    We supply prosthetic parts and instruments that we no longer produce – making sure that replacements for parts are available for Straumann implants that have been in place since 1974.
  • Straumann® Guarantee
    Straumann offers a lifetime guarantee for implants, a 10-year guarantee for metal abutments and restorations, and a 5-year guarantee for ceramic abutments and restorations. Guarantees apply if all original Straumann components are used in accordance with the applicable instructions for use and if all other conditions of the Straumann Guarantee are fulfilled.