2012 Annual General Meeting

At the 2012 Annual General Meeting, the shareholders approved all the proposals put forward by the Board of Directors.

The shareholders approved the 2011 Annual Report, the 2011 Financial Statements and the discharge of the Board of Directors for their activities in 2011. In an advisory vote, they also consented to the 2011 Compensation Report, which includes a new remuneration model.

All the Directors of the Straumann Board – Gilbert Achermann (Chairman), Dr Sebastian Burckhardt, Dominik Ellenrieder, Roland Hess, Ulrich Looser, Dr Beat Lüthi, Stefan Meister and Dr h.c. Thomas Straumann (Vice Chairman) – were reelected for a further one-year term of office.

The meeting approved the appropriation of the available earnings. CHF 34 million were allocated to the 2011 dividend, corresponding to CHF 2.20 per share. The shareholders also approved the use of CHF 24 million to pay CHF 1.55 of the total dividend per share out of ‘reserves for capital contributions’.

PricewaterhouseCoopers of Basel was reappointed as Statutory Auditors and Group Auditors for a further term of one year.

491 shareholders attended the Annual General Meeting and a total of 10 166 573 voting shares were represented, corresponding to 65% of the overall share capital.


  • Ex date: 10 April 2012
  • Payment date: 13 April 2012

2013 Annual General Meeting

The 2013 ordinary general meeting of Straumann’s shareholders will be convened on 5 April 2013 at the Basel Congress Center.