Working at Straumann

Straumann is a dynamic and agile employer who wants to work with the most talented and motivated individuals. Support us in doing more for dental professionals around the globe.

Our values

Our Corporate Values are:

  • Reliability is our trademark
  • Simplicity is our strength
  • Customers are our inspiration
  • People are our success
  • Achieving more is our future

Straumann’s Code of Conduct is anchored in all aspects of the company. We expect our people to exemplify ethical and professional behavior within organizational guidelines. All our employees are required to adhere to the Code.

The Code is aligned with international, national, and local guidelines and draws on the standards of the International Labor Organization. Rather than endorsing external economic, environmental, or social principles or association memberships, Straumann uses the Code of Conduct as a basis for managing key sustainability topics, including human resource issues.



Straumann relays on its people for success. Great leadership is the foundation of that success.

For Straumann, great leadership is based upon three principles: empowerment & trust, responsibility and communication. Underpinning all these principles is the need for:

  • inspirational,
  • people & business, and
  • relationship leadership.

This means being genuine, trustworthy and consistent despite external influences and pressures.

People development

People are Straumann’s most important asset, which is why our Human Capital Program seeks to support their personal development by building and leveraging essential skills and capabilities. The program is aligned with the Group's strategy and it aspires to develop talented leaders of the highest caliber at each level in our organization.

To ensure that the growth of our workforce is supported by organizational learning, we continuously work on key development initiatives that will ensure thorough training of new staff members regarding Straumann’s values, ways of working, brands, and products.

With the Straumann Career Path we offer internal development options to develop and enable our internal talents for their future global careers according to their aspirations.


We are convinced that a compensation system based on value creation encourages sustainable performance, loyalty and entrepreneurship and is in the interest of shareowners and other stakeholders. We are committed to compensate our employees in a way that is competitive and rewards sustainable, long-term achievement.

Our compensation programs are designed to:

  • Link variable compensation to the long-term added value generated by the company based on the shareholders’ expectations
  • Foster a high-performance culture that rewards company and individual performance
  • Manage performance through a structured system
  • Be competitive with global best-in-class and industry benchmark companies
  • Provide employees with benefits based on local market practices and regulations

Total compensation of employees and management comprises fixed and variable compensation components, depending on local practices and regulations. Fixed compensation is based on the job profile, market situation, and the employee's experience and skills.

Variable components usually include the following:

  • performance-related short-term incentives (bonus)
  • long-term incentives related to company to performance (for selected management)

Compensation is not influenced by gender or by non-performance-related criteria other than specific professional experience. We are committed to fair and equal treatment of all our employees and seek to be in full compliance with international Labor Standards.


Promoting diversity throughout the company has long been an important focus at Straumann. We believe that diversity greatly contributes to strong team performance and our ability to support diverse customers all over the world. We regularly monitor and report gender diversity in our team, while the broader perspective on Diversity at Straumann is illustrated by our Business Diversity initiative which will help us enhance cross-functional and geographic collaborations.

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