Media Release

nt-trading acknowledges Straumann patent and removes copied implant components from US market

•  German manufacturer agrees to compensate Straumann for legal costs

Basel , 29 June 2015 – Straumann has prevailed in an important patent dispute against nt‑trading GmbH & Co KG which was filed in Delaware District Court, USA. As a result, nt‑trading has agreed to remove its imitations of Straumann’s implant abutments from the market in the US.


At the heart of the dispute is a patent that covers Straumann’s innovative CrossFit® technology, which ensures that connecting abutments fit precisely into Straumann implants without jamming. The patent effectively protects against copies of Straumann’s original abutments for its Bone Level implants. 


nt-trading GmbH & Co. KG is based in Karlsruhe, Germany, and manufactures components for use in implant dentistry. In an out-of-court settlement, the company acknowledged that Straumann’s patent is valid and enforceable. It also agreed to remove its imitation abutments from the market in the US and to pay for Straumann’s legal costs. nt-trading has also agreed not to permit any third party to sell, market or import the respective products in the US.  


Straumann’s determined stand

“The CrossFit connection was invented to ensure safe and easy handling, and Straumann invested considerably in its research, development and clinical testing. We will not allow other companies to infringe our intellectual property or to mislead dentists and patients that imitations are the same as Straumann originals”, said Andy Molnar, Executive Vice President  of Straumann North America. “Look-alikes and copycats are not manufactured to our high quality standards nor have they undergone the extensive clinical testing that Straumann implants and abutments receive. We are determined to take a strong, justified stand against rogue imitators, in the interest of patient safety.”