Straumann to be an official distributor of the Cadent iTero Digital Impression System in North America 


Andover , MA and Carlstadt, NJ, 28 January 2011 – Straumann, a global leader in regenerative, restorative and replacement dentistry, and Cadent Inc., a leading provider of 3-D digital solutions for the orthodontic and dental industries, announced today that they have signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement in North America. Straumann will begin marketing Cadent’s iTero Digital Impression System as of 1 February 2011.


Intra-oral scanning is an established but still emerging technology that promises to have substantial impact on the future of dentistry. The iTero system is the only system that enables dentists to create a powder-free 3-dimensional image of the patient’s teeth. Cadent’s system offers a significant advantage as the use of powder in a surgical site is not feasible in many cases. When compared to the conventional impression process, iTero digital impressions deliver consistently high precision plus considerable time and cost savings for both the lab and the dental practice.


The new agreement follows a series of activities to advance Straumann’s position in digital dentistry and to increase Cadent’s penetration into the dental implant and laboratory markets in the US. A year ago, Straumann entered into an agreement with Cadent to integrate the iTero scan data with Straumann’s CADCAM system. This allows dental labs to receive digital impressions and design dental restorations without having to create a stone model. Straumann recently announced new functionality to allow iTero customers to take implant-level impressions with the Straumann Intra-Oral Scan Body and digitally send them to the Straumann CARES Scan CS2 (CADCAM system.) Now that Straumann will be selling the iTero Digital Impression System in the US, both companies have an even greater opportunity to deliver added value to GPs, dental labs and surgical specialists. Straumann is also the exclusive distributor of the iTero system in Europe.


“We are pleased to extend our successful collaboration with Straumann in Europe into the North American market through this non-exclusive agreement,” said Tim Mack, President and CEO of Cadent. “Straumann’s strengths within the surgical specialist and dental lab segments will drive additional market penetration for Cadent. Our fixture level implant functionality would have been underserved without this expansion in our North American distribution channel. By combining our technology leadership position with such market leaders as Straumann in the implant segment and our recently announced collaboration with Align Technology, in the orthodontic area, Cadent further differentiates the iTero system as the proven and comprehensive technology for dental professionals.”


“We are proud to take our relationship with Cadent to another level,” said Martin Dymek, Regional Head North America, Straumann. “The iTero Digital Impression System is an integral part of Straumann® CARES® Digital Solutions – which also includes the CARES Scan CS2 and Straumann Guided Surgery. This digital chain streamlines workflows: the data integration between iTero and the CS2 provides direct delivery of impression data to the lab and elimination of model casting. Straumann CARES CADCAM delivers precision restorations using a broad range of esthetic materials; and Straumann Guided Surgery allows surgical specialists to plan implants digitally prior to surgery to ensure precise and appropriate placement. As much as anything else CARES Digital Solutions facilitates communication and collaboration between the GP, dental lab, and surgical specialist.”