Online Verification Tool

This verification tool enables you to verify that you have purchased and received an original Straumann component. The verification tool works for all Straumann parts with a lot number (except for CARES® screw-retained bars and bridges). Straumann recommends to only use original Straumann prosthetic components to restore Straumann implants.

Please enter part number (REF) and lot number (LOT) as shown on the product label, the patient label or the product itself and click “verify”.


Please note that this confirmation is limited to the fact that the verified product is a Straumann product and does not confirm suitability of the product for a particular case, an indication or a particular combination with another product. It is the practitioner's sole responsibility to use the Straumann product in accordance with the respective instructions for use and to determine if the Straumann product suits the individual patient needs and/or fits with any other products used within a particular treatment.

Straumann CARES Digital Solutions

Replacement Solutions

The Straumann® Dental Implant System is designed for long-lasting and esthetic tooth replacement solutions, providing user-friendly solutions to improve the standard of patient care.

Local product information

More detailed information on our products and solutions is available on your Straumann country website.