Straumann® Indication Based Product Selection Guide

An excellent solution for every individual patient

The Straumann® Indication Based Product Selection Guide is a web-based tool with the aim to simplify the practical everyday usage of the Straumann® Dental Implant System and to clarify the particular benefits of Straumann’s implants and prosthetic solutions in different clinical indications. Easy to use and very intuitive, the tool guides the user to the best solution for every individual situation.

Benefits at a glance:
  • The tool supports the dentist in the product selection process by making a pre-selection of implant and prosthetic components, which is especially helpful for dentists that are not familiar with the Straumann® portfolio
  • It is easier to find Straumann® components with the tool rather than by flipping through the product catalogues
  • The tool shows indications, contra-indications, details on dimensions and characteristics of components
  • To each implant solution the matching prosthetic components with abutments, copings, temporary abutments and temporary copings are displayed

Legal Disclaimer:

Straumann’s Indication Based Product Selection Guide is a tool to support you in finding the appropriate products for treatment of your patients. The product selection guide does not replace a careful and thorough analysis of each individual case by a dental professional. The results of the product selection guide reflect Straumann’s instructions for use and other guidelines and recommendations from Straumann regarding the use of Straumann® products. The user of Straumann® products is solely responsible for determining whether or not any product is suitable for a particular patient and circumstances. Knowledge of dental implantology and instruction in the handling of the relevant Straumann® product provided by an operator with the relevant experience are always necessary.