botiss cerabone®

The natural bovine bone grafting material.

cerabone® provides dependable stability and strength, predictably integrating into newly formed bone and ensuring volume maintenance and a strong long-lasting matrix to support the successful placement of dental implants. Its biocompatibility has been demonstrated in more than half a million augmentation procedures. cerabone® is the clinician’s first choice to esthetically preserve and restore the volume of the treatment site.

  • Safety

    Safe and sterile xenogenic and phase-pure hydroxyapatite (HA) without organic components.

  • Biocompatibility

    Rough and open porous structure is similar to native human bone, allowing for bone ingrowth and vascular penetration. No foreign body or inflammatory reaction related to phase-pure material.

  • Hydrophilicity

    Excellent hydrophilicity, enabling rapid uptake of saline solution or blood.

  • Biofunctionality

    Fast, controlled and predictable osseointegration. Long-term 3-dimensional graft stability.

  • Handling

    Easy handling as hydrated ganules adhere to spatula.

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cerabone® Natural bovine bone grafting material

Scientific and clinical evidence
Cerabone-Scientific-Clinical-Evidence 31.10.2016 PDF, 2 MB Download
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Cerabone 0,5-1mm

Product Demonstration
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Cerabone 1-2mm

Product Demonstration
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Scientific evidence

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