botiss maxgraft® bonebuilder

The customized human allogenic bone block.

The maxgraft® bonebuilder is an innovative, customized allogenic bone block which is individually designed and adjusted to the desired 3-dimensional bone contour. Based on planning data and clinician-approved, the bonebuilder is produced by a milling machine and is provided in a sterile condition ready for implantation. The ideal bone substitute for rebuilding 3-dimensional defects and reconstructing the ridge, allowing a patient-friendly treatment. 

  • Biofunctionality

    Fits perfectly in the recipient site.The Physiological structure provides ideal matrix for revascularization and osseointegration. Support of fast vascularization through maximum contact between the graft and bone.

  • Efficiency

    Reduction of chair-site time compared to autologous blocks.

  • Comfort

    Reduces pain medication and post-operative complications due to reduced surgical time. Eliminates the need to harvest autologous bone, reducing patient morbidity and discomfort.

  • Handling

    Designed to fit perfectly in the recipient site, resulting in easy application. The natural collagen content leads to increased flexibility, facilitating screw fixation.

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Maxgraft Processed Human Allograft
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When one option is not enough.

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maxgraft® bonebuilder

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