Group structure


The principles and rules of Straumann’s corporate governance are laid down in the Articles of Association, the organizational regulations, the code of conduct, and the charters of the Board Committees. These principles and rules are the basis of our corporate governance disclosures, which comply with the Directive on Information relating to corporate governance published by the SIX Swiss Exchange, where Straumann’s shares have been traded since the company’s initial public offering in 1998. 

Group structure

Straumann Holding AG is a listed stock corporation incorporated under the laws of Switzerland and domiciled as well as registered in Basel. Information about the company’s shares, which are traded on the main segment of the SIX Swiss Exchange under the symbol STMN, is provided on p. 176. Straumann Holding AG is the ultimate parent company of the Straumann Group (referred to collectively as ‘the Group’), which is headquartered in Basel and, as of 31 December 2016, includes 46 wholly owned and two partially-owned subsidiaries as well as 11 companies in which non-controlling interests are held.

Operational structure

In 2016, the operational structure of the Straumann Group comprised the following groups/departments and sales regions (in alphabetical order):

  • Corporate Services, comprising: Corporate Communication, Human Resources, Legal Compliance & Intellectual Property and Strategic Planning & Business Development
  • Customer Solutions & Education, comprising: Customer Marketing & Education, Marketing Communications and Product Management
  • Finance, comprising: Treasury, Controlling and all other finance-related functions, Corporate IT, Corporate Procurement, Facility Management, Internal Audit and Investor Relations
  • Instradent Management
  • Research, Development & Operations, comprising: Project Management, Research & Development, Technical Services, Quality Management & Regulatory Affairs, Production, Corporate Logistics
  • Sales Central Europe and Worldwide Distributor Management (excluding APAC and LATAM)
  • Sales Western Europe
  • Sales North America,
  • Sales Latin America and regional Distributor Management, including Neodent’s manufacturing plant in Brazil 
  • Sales Asia / Pacific and regional Distributor Management. 

On 1 January 2017, Straumann reorganized all its subsidiaries in Central and Western Europe into a single European region and the other markets into the ‘Distributor & Emerging Markets EMEA’ region, which includes Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Russia.  

Straumann's participation and representation in other companies

On 31 December 2016, Straumann held the following non-controlling stakes:

Non-consolidated company Location Activities Capital rights held Straumann representation
Anthogyr SAS Sallanches (France) Implant solutions for the value segment in China 30% 1 Board seat
Createch Medical SL Mendaro (Spain) CADCAM prosthetics for multiple implant systems 30% 1 Board seat
Dental Wings Inc Montreal (Canada) Dental prosthetics design (software and scanners 55% 2 Board seats
Instradent Deutschland GmbH Hügelsheim (Germany) Distribution of implant & prosthetic value brands 51% At general meeting, 100% as of 1 Jan
Medentika GmbH Hügelsheim (Germany) Implant prosthetics & dental implants 51% At general meeting, controlling interest as of Jan 2017
Open Digital Dentistry AG (in liquidation) Zug (Switzerland) Assets and activities transferred to Dental Wings GmbH) 44% n / a
RODO Medical, Inc. San Jose (USA) Prosthetics 12% 1 Board seat
T-Plus New Taipei City (Taiwan) Dental implant systems 49% 1 Board seat
V2R Biomedical Inc. Montreal (Canada) Prosthetically-driven guided-surgery solutions 30% 1 Board seat
Valoc AG Möhlin (Switzerland) Prosthetics (implant based denture-attachment systems) 44% 1 Board seat
Zinedent Implant Üretim AS Ankara (Turkey) Joint venture, supply of dental implants and prosthetics 50% 1 Board seat