Neodent CM Titamax Ex

Clinical Case - CM Titamax Ex

A clinical case report by Dr Edilson Ferreira

Dr Edilson Ferreira

Dr Edilson Ferreira

Specialist in Implantology

MSc in Oral Reabilitation by Unimar

PhD in Implantology at USC/Bauru

Post-Doctor in Implantology UFSC

President of the Paranaense Society of Osseointegration

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Initial situation

Patient: Female, 55 years old

Surgery date: 13th March, 2014

Total treatment time: 2 weeks (considering treatment planning phase)

Local: IMPPAR, Londrina, Brazil

Clinical situation

  • Maxillary total edentulous patient with a Toronto bridge in the mandible over 4 Titamax CM implants;
  • Neodent guided surgery with the flapless placement of 5 Titamax EX implants (four of 3.5x11mm and two of 3.5x13mm), finalized under Immediate loading (placement toque of all implants: 45;

Restorative solution

  • Final restoration 2 days after the surgery (no necessity of temporary bridge)
  • Acrylic Toronto maxillary bridge with passive fit copings (one step hybrid)