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Clinical Case - Facility

A clinical case report by Dr Glauco Velloso

Dr Glauco Velloso

Dr Glauco Velloso

Specialist in Periodontology UNESA/RJ; Specialist and MSc in Implantology UNIGRANRIO/RJ;

Professor at the Specialization course in Implantology SL Mandic/RJ;

Visiting Professor at the post graduation course in Implantology UFF/RJ.

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Clinical Case - Facility

Facility Implant Line
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Initial situation

Patient: Male - 35 years old

Surgery date: 12th June, 2014

Total treatment time: 1 month

Local: Instituto Carioca de Odontologia, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Clinical situation

  • Agenesis of the upper right lateral incisor;
  • CT scan indicating about 5mm of bone at the buccal/palatal direction;
  • One Facility implant (2.9x10mm) was placed under Immediate loading (placement torque:;

Restorative solution

  • Temporary: Anatomical post for Facility of 2.5mm and acrylic temporary crown;
  • Final: Ceramic crowns with Digital Neodent zirconium coping 15 days after surgery; 
    Porcelain veneers composed the final dental esthetic;