Alvim CM

WS Titamax Medullar

  • Cone Morse Connection for crestal bone preservation and bacterial seal
  • Cylindrical implant body with a high bone expansion thread pattern design
  • Apex with low active chambers to optimize secondary stability
  • Indicated for bone types III and IV
  • One prosthetic platform for simplicity and optimal soft tissue management
  • Compact surgical kit
  • CAD/CAM enabled

WS Titamax Medullar

An alternative for posterior, partially edentulous cases

  • Simplicity

    Easy to follow treatment workflow

  • Efficiency

    Shorter procedures and drilling protocol

  • Affordability

    Potential to attract more patients

WS Titamax Cortical - Simplfiying the workflow and drilling sequence


NeoPoros - A surface with a history of more than 10 years.

The NeoPoros surface was developed using a process of sand blasting and acid etching.


Simplicity - a versatile portfolio with one Cone Morse Connection

Proven Cone Morse enhancing exceptional long-term mechanical stability.

  • Deep cone Morse connection offering high resistance.(8)
  • Conical connection providing better results in terms of abutment stability performance.(8-10)
  • Conical seal designed to prevent bacteria migration into the implant.(11)
11.5 Degree Cone Morse Connection
One connection accross all diameters
Hexagonal Index for abutment positioning

Prosthetic Portfolio

Simplicity - a versatile portfolio with one Cone Morse Connection

Efficiency - supporting digital workflows and guided surgery

Digitally friendly. From root to tooth.

  • Intra-oral scanbodies for precise digitalization.
  • Sharply designed implant libraries available in the majority of surgical planning softwares.
  • Optimized surgical instruments and sleeves tailored to your portfolio preferences.
  • Titanium bases and titanium blanks for fully customized prosthetic restorations.

Scientific Evidence - Peace of mind for you.  

Neodent implants delivered a 99.7% cumulative survival rate(1) in a retrospective study with 2,244 implants placed in 444 patients.

Lifetime guarantee. Because smiles are meant to last forever.

There is an additional reason to smile. Our implants come with a lifetime guarantee*.

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