Implanteo® LED
Implantology and surgery motor

Implantology and surgery motor

The Implanteo® LED implantology and surgery motor has been carefully designed to provide you with the best "surgical assistant". All expected characteristics are now combined to meet your every requirement.

  • LED technology: maximum working comfort

  • Large color touch screen: simple and user-friendly

  • Power and precision

  • Surgical intelligence and performance



Axiom® Multi Level® brochure

High performance implant solutions - Low res
EN_2020-02_C179_LR 25.02.2020 PDF, 13 MB Download

Axiom® Multi Level® Validation Report

Low res
EN_2020-09_AML_ValidationReport_LR 18.11.2020 PDF, 2 MB Download

Clinical resources

Axiom® Clinical Evidence

Bone stability around Axiom® implants
EN_C172_GB 22.10.2020 PDF, 2 MB Download

Clinical Article - CAD/CAM - OsteoSafe® - Dr Khoury & Revise - Implants

Automatic crestal sinus lift procedure
EN_2016_CADCAM_khoury-revise_Implants 22.10.2020 PDF, 1 MB Download

Clinical Article - Dr Noordin - IDT

Securing excellent primary stability in soft bone
EN_2018_IL-AML_Noordin_IDT 22.10.2020 PDF, 2 MB Download

Clinical Article - Flexibase® - Dr White - IDT

Using excellent primary stability to avoid multiple surgeries
EN_2019-11_Flexibase_White_IDT 26.06.2020 PDF, 1017 KB Download

Clinical Review Axiom 10 years

Clinical experiences - Low res
EN_2020-06_10ANS_LR 03.07.2020 PDF, 12 MB Download

Clinical Review Axiom® Multi Level

Low res
EN_2020-02_C193_LR 16.06.2020 PDF, 22 MB Download


Clinical video - Axiom® Multi Level

Dr Becker
EN_06-20_AML_ClinicalMP4 17.11.2020 MP4, 700 MB

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