Xpert Unit®
Connected implantology motor

Connected implantology motor*

Xpert Unit® is the new connected dental implantology motor that offers great working comfort, high performance and efficiency. 

Connected to a dedicated mobile app, Xpert Unit® provides new solutions for the traceability of surgery data, tracking of equipment and updates, as well as access to wide services.

Xpert Unit® allows you to focus on the essential, your patients.

*Only available for french market.

  • Designed for comfort

    Wireless foot pedal, ultra-light micromotor and contra-angle, XL touch screen

  • Performing

    High torque capacity, up to 80 N.cm

  • Efficient

    Easy navigation, great flexibility of programs

  • User friendly

    Flexibility of programs, patients first

Did you know?

Resulting from more than 70 years of industrial experience in rotary equipment, Anthogyr has marketed several generations of recognised implantology engines. 25 years after the Expert Unit, Anthogyr launches Xpert Unit®, a connected motor innovative, which has retained its simplicity of use, the secret of the success of its predecessor.



Equipment Brochure

Low res
EN_2020-11_C159_LR 10.11.2020 PDF, 5 MB Download

General practice equipment brochure

Low res
EN_2017-02_C174_LR 30.12.2020 PDF, 11 MB Download

Clinical resources

Clinical video - Exo Safe®

Dr Verdino - Dr Mardenalom
EN_03-16_Exosafe_ClinicalMP4 17.11.2020 MP4, 236 MB

Clinical video - Osteo Safe®

Dr Schlegel
EN_03-15_OsteoSafe2_ClinicalMP4 17.11.2020 MP4, 219 MB

Clinical video - Osteo Safe®

Dr Khoury
EN_03-15_OsteoSafe1_ClinicalMP4 17.11.2020 MP4, 829 MB


Xpert Unit 3D Product Video

Product Video
EN_2020-09_XPERT-UNIT_MP4 07.10.2020 MP4, 122 MB

Xpert Unit Video tutorial - 1

Installation / Set up
2020-07_XPERT-UNIT-TUTO1_MP4 07.10.2020 MP4, 248 MB

Xpert Unit Video tutorial - 2

Utilisation de l'ecran / How to use the screen
2020-07_XPERT-UNIT-TUTO2_MP4 07.10.2020 MP4, 177 MB

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