Simeda® customized prosthetics portfolio
Premium quality prosthesis with superior levels of service

Premium quality prosthesis with superior levels of service

Anthogyr offers high precision Simeda® customized restorations for Anthogyr dental implants and MPS Multi Platform Solutions, with a free library of more than 250 implant platforms.

We also offer tooth-supported solutions to offer a one-stop shop service for all your CAD/CAM orders. Our range covers all types of single and multiple restorations, available in a wide range of high-quality materials. All of our creations meet extremely strict production criteria and are covered by the Serenity® warranty program.

  • Expertise

    Over a decade of manufacturing expertise

  • All types of restorations

    From customized abutments and teeth to implant bridges, suprastructures and bars

  • A wide variety of materials

    100% machined or additive titanium, cobalt-chromium or zirconia

  • 250 platforms available

    More than 20 implant brands

  • Anthogyr Serenity® Warranty Program




Simeda Who's Who

Guia de los componentes - Low res
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Simeda® CAD/CAM Brochure

Low res
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Recursos clínicos

Artículo Clínico - CAD/CAM - Dr Gargallo - Maxillaris

Diseño de pilares CAD-CAM
ES_2017-10_CADCAM_Gargallo_Maxillaris 26.06.2020 PDF, 19 MB Descargar

Artículo Clínico - Flexibase® - Dr Fragola - Maxillaris

Odontología digital: estado actual
ES_2019-12_Flexibase_Fragola_Maxillaris 26.06.2020 PDF, 9 MB Descargar

Revisión clínica Axiom Multi Level

Low res
ES_2019-06_C193_LR 16.06.2020 PDF, 16 MB Descargar


Simeda® CAD/CAM Product Video

El sistema CAD/CAM de Anthogyr
ES_2020-01_SIMEDA_MP4 05.03.2020 MP4, 84 MB

Manuales y guías de usuario

Instrucciones de uso CAD/CAM

Prótesis personalizadas Simeda®
ES_2020-09_CADCAM-IFU 01.04.2021 PDF, 168 KB Descargar

Lista de compatibilidad de Simeda®

ES_2021-04_SIMEDA-COMPATIBILITY 01.04.2021 PDF, 171 KB Descargar

Manual CAD/CAM

Manual de diseño para prótesis personalizadas
ES_2021-04_MANUEL-CAD-CAM 01.04.2021 PDF, 2 MB Descargar

Simeda® Plazos De Entrega

ES_2020_SimedaPlazosDeEntrega 06.05.2021 PDF, 525 KB Descargar

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