NiTi Control®
Micro NiTi®
di endodonzia

Contrangoli di endodonzia

Anthogyr endodontic contra-angles make root canal preparation safe and efficient. They meet the highest requirements in terms of ergonomics for easier practice. With NiTi Control®, you benefit from a patented torque control system designed for limiting the risk of file fracture. When the maximum torque which can be applied and endured by the file is reached, the driving device is automatically stopped.

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  • Working comfort & accessibility

    Micro head and extreme lightness: only 59 g
    Easy insertion of the file without pushing the button

  • Durable & easy to maintain

    Chrome-plated coating
    Thermal disinfection and sterilization
    Even surface limiting areas of bacterial retention

  • Versatility

    Available in different speed ratios