Rotative instruments for restorative dental care


Anthogyr offers a range of rotative equipments designed for efficient tooth preparation in the field of restorative dental cares.

Mont Blanc® range for general dentistry
Delivers all the features you expect

As a pillar of Anthogyr's solutions for general practitioners, the Mont Blanc® contra-angles are appreciated for their user-friendliness and working comfort: the I-Coat® surface treatment delivers optimal tactile sensation in humid environments, its ergonomics provides perfect handgrip, and the ceramic ball-bearings make use quiet.

The combination of two noble materials, titanium and stainless steel, makes it both lightweight and powerful.
The Anthogyr Mont Blanc® range comes into 3 speed ratios, Red (1:5), Blue (1:1) and Green (5:1), and is available with or without light.

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  • Optimized accessibility and visibility

    Small head size and ergonomic design, quartz bar lighting

  • Efficient irrigation

    Quadruple spray and patented particle filter

  • Smooth and quiet operation

    Ceramic bearings for high speed contra-angle

  • Working comfort

    Only 67 g thanks to the integration of titanium components

Straight handpiece
A popular and proven instrument

The  Anthogyr 4330D handpiece is designed to support daily acts such as tooth preparation. It is a historical product of the compagny, recognized for its efficiency by doing the job and keeping it simple. 

  • Versatility

    1:1 speed ratio, spray noozle available separately, compatible with short and long burs

  • Increased durability

    Balls bearings

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