Straumann® Centralized
Production: 3D Printed
Models & Surgical Guides

Reliable and fully validated workflow, precision and quality.

Straumann® Centralized Production offers you the opportunity to order 3D Printed Models via Straumann® CARES® or using 3Shape Connectivity and 3D Printed Surgical Guides via coDiagnostiX™ or 3Shape Implant Studio. It would be also possible to send scan data to CARES® Scan & Shape and we will design and print 3D Printed models. Straumann® Centralized Production guarantees a reliable fully validated workflow, precision and quality.

  • Precision

    Granted by the Straumann® Centralized Production.

  • Efficiency

    Fast and efficient delivery.

  • Convenience

    Freedom of mind, no need to think about the production phase. 

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