Straumann Group Connections

Review: EAO 2017

October 5 to 7 in Madrid, Spain

Straumann at the EAO/SEPES 2017

Patient-centered treatment protocols: prosthetic and surgical solutions for predictable results in esthetic and fully edentulous cases

Friday, October 6. Implant therapy has proven to provide not only long-term success, but also predictable treatment outcomes and pleasing esthetics. Nevertheless, esthetic cases and fully edentulous jaws with substantial bone resorption still present significant challenges to successful oral rehabilitation. The presentations by João Caramês, Helena Francisco (both Portugal), Charlotte Stilwell (UK), and Daniele Cardaropoli (Italy) will focus on the techniques for treating complex esthetic cases, as well as on the Straumann® Edentulous Solutions designed to enable personalized treatment protocols, taking into consideration patient expectations and unique anatomic, clinical situations. Particular attention will be paid to patient-centered outcomes, treatment planning, prosthetic and surgical protocols, recent literature, and case reviews.

Watch the recorded presentations here:

About the EAO

The European Association for Osseointegration (EAO) is a non-profit organisation founded in Munich in 1991. It was formed as an international, interdisciplinary and independent science-based forum for all professionals interested in the art and science of osseointegration. As one of the leading associations within the field of implant dentistry in the world, the EAO aims to improve the quality of patient care by bridging the gap between science and clinical practice. The EAO achieves this through: 1. promoting and facilitating clinical applications of osseointegration for the benefit of patients all over the world 2. promoting the advancement of treatment methods in reconstructive surgery and prosthetic rehabilitation based on the principles of osseointegration and related disciplines 3. promoting and initiating research into improved clinical procedures for rehabilitation as a consequence of osseointegration 4. promoting international exchange of knowledge and understanding of the techniques and research in the field of osseointegration and related disciplines 5. promoting the publication of research findings and other materials as part of continuing education for the benefit of members and interested organisations.

EAO/SEPES joint congress 2017: "Twenty-five years of Implant Dentistry. What have we learned?"

In 2017 the EAO and SEPES have decided to organize a joint congress. This new collaboration brought the international audience which has gathered at the EAO annual congress for the past 25 years with specialists from the SEPES community. In addition, the EAO and SEPA have joined forces to organize the fifth SEPA European Symposium which tookk place within the EAO-SEPES joint meeting, during the whole day on Saturday October 7th. The scientific committees of the EAO, SEPES and SEPA prepared an exciting programme focusing on the main topic: Twenty-five years of Implant Dentistry. What have we learned? As well as featuring world-renowned speakers, the congress included numerous interactive elements involving the audience.