Straumann Play Season 3: “Immediacy” with Dr Eirik Salvesen

About this season: Immediacy has become increasingly important in implant dentistry. Patients’ increasing demand for shorter treatment times, the growing evidence for long-term success and the positive effects on productivity and growth make immediacy a game-changer for more and more dental professionals. But what does it entail exactly? And what does it take to work “immediately”? In our third Straumann Play season, Dr Eirik Salvesen shares his insights into the benefits and requirements of immediate treatments.

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Definitions of Immediacy

Immediacy is adopted by a growing number of clinicians. But what does immediacy mean exactly? And why is it proving to be increasingly popular? In this first episode of Straumann PLAY Season 3, Dr Eirik Salvesen provides the definitions around immediacy and details the benefits it can bring to both patients and dentists.


Can any dentist carry out an immediate procedure on any patient? Surely not. So, what does it take to make immediacy a reality? In this episode Dr Eirik Salvesen shares valuable insights into the requirements regarding patient selection, case planning, general skills and team organization.

Immediate placement

Immediate implant placement is a key aspect of immediacy. In this episode Dr Eirik Salvesen explains the benefits and the requirements of this procedure and the aspects he particularly cares about in his daily practice.

Immediate restoration

A key expectation of patients who undergo implant treatment is to recover the quality of life that teeth can bring. And the earlier, the better. Immediate restoration is a powerful procedure to achieve this goal. But what does it take exactly? In this episode, Dr Eirik Salvesen presents his typical workflow and the main watch-outs.

Full-arch immediate loading

Full edentulism represents both a high burden for the people affected and a major opportunity for the dentists who can help them. In this indication, immediacy makes an especially substantial difference in the patients’ lives. In this final episode of our season 3, Dr Eirik Salvesen presents key principles to follow in order to provide full arch immediate loading.