The fast, easy and clean solution for 3D printed dental products in the dental practice.

The flexible system of build platforms and reservoirs of the P10+ allows the immediate 3D printing of dental products, including drill templates, temporary crowns & bridges, splints and much more, coordinated workflows validated by Straumann, and very easy and, above all, clean working without in-depth knowledge of 3D printing. The data for generating the 3D print data is prepared on site. Also perfectly matched to the P10+ are the P wash cleaning unit, the P cure light-curing unit and the Straumann material P pro.

  • Intelligent connection to P wash and P cure

  • Optimal chairside system for dentists and practice laboratories

  • Open system, compatible with all popular 3D printing resins for dental applications

  • Clean and environmentally friendly disposal with no hazardous waste

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