Centers of Dental Education (CoDE)

World class clinical practice.

The CoDE network.

CoDE stands for Center of Dental Education. It is a group of independent dental centers all over the world that offer excellence in oral healthcare. By providing the most advanced treatment procedures—based on the best available literature and the latest technology—CoDEs are where science meets practice in a real-world clinical environment.

Bridging the gap between evidence-based practice and real-world practice

A global network of clinical experts.

Conventionally, clinicians with thought leadership in the field (Key Opinion Leaders – KOL) with a predominant academic background, have established their naming by disseminating research findings through the environment and platforms in which they operate and the corresponding activities, such as scientific publications, university activities or lectures in scientific events.

Evidence-based practice sets the ground on how clinicians provide patient care and define the treatment approach for each case. However, today, thought leadership goes beyond academic activities and there is an increasing interest in complementing research findings with practical experience at the daily work.

Here is where the role of a clinician with strong clinical hands-on practice becomes essential: Based on his/her knowledge and experience as an expert practitioner, who faces the same everyday challenges as any other clinician in the world, he/she can guide others to decide which treatment approach or treatment plan to follow. Complementing the research findings and evidence-based practice with the clinical experience.

At Straumann, we believe therefore that CoDEs are an excellent complementation to the expertise that academic KOLs bring to the dental field. We value their skills and experience as clinicians, working daily with the patients and believe that clinicians representing CoDE are excellent leaders to learn from.

Interested to attend CoDE continuous education program?

If you are interested in education in one of the CoDE and want to benefit from the many highlights of the program contact us via this form and we’ll come back to you for more.

Bridging the gap between evidence-based practice and real-world practice

A global network of clinical experts.

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