Straumann Corporate Forum

New perspectives in immediate implant treatment

Demonstrating clinical performance of the Straumann dental implants for immediate treatment protocols

Thursday, October 11th, 2018
Room Graz, Messe Wien

Nowadays, patients expect not only reliable, predictable and personalized treatment options, but they also demand solutions to shorten the overall treatment time. Therefore, immediate protocols have become more popular, and are validated as safe and acceptable treatment modalities. During this corporate forum, world-renowned speakers will present the latest evidence on pre- and clinical performance of newly developed Straumann BLX implant: from the superior implant material, to the unique macro- and micro-design and the best-in-class hydrophilic surface. Wide clinical application spectrum that goes beyond immediate implant protocols will be discussed.

Opening lecture: Immediate treatment protocols, where do we stand?

Aim of the lecture: To present a short scientific and clinical update on immediate treatment protocols in implant dentistry.
Speaker: Prof. Bilal Al-Nawas

Lecture #1: Straumann BLX – setting new quality in modern Implantology

Aim of the lecture: To describe fundamental features of the Straumann BLX implant with special emphasis on innovative implant macro topography, material and surface.
Speaker: Dr Ophir Fromovich

Lecture #2 – Osseointegration and bone maintenance of the Straumann BLX in animals

Aim of the lecture: To present results from preclinical studies with BLX implant, with special emphasis on excellent osseointegration and bone maintenance properties.
Speaker: Prof. Helena Francisco

Lecture #3 – Immediate restoration in the esthetic zone – a real-life experience with the Straumann BLX

Aim of the lecture: To present real-life experiences with the BLX implant in esthetic zone and to discuss decision-making process and criteria that need to be applied while deciding on immediate restoration in esthetic zone.
Speaker: Dr. Leon ParienteDr Karim Dada

Lecture #4 – Immediate implant treatment in challenging clinical situations. Exploring the indications spectrum of the Straumann BLX

Aim of the lecture: To discuss application of Straumann BLX implant in challenging clinical situations with special emphasis on wide application spectrum of this implant.
Speaker: Prof. Gabor Tepper