Next generation versatility & simplicity

Dr. Stephen Chen
Friday, May 10 | 17.00 – 18.30

In the dynamic world of implant dentistry, clinicians face an overwhelming choice of implant systems and treatment concepts. Although this diversity enables personalized patient treatment, it also adds complexity to the selection process, which can be challenging. This workshop aims to instill confidence in dental professionals to refine their approach to implant dentistry, where simplicity and versatility converge for optimal results. Through a mix of theoretical discussions, practical demonstrations and a hands-on experience, participants will explore how one system with a unified connection and a comprehensive set of instruments can be effectively utilized for all types of implant placements, including immediate, early, and delayed protocols. By familiarizing themselves with this universal system, clinicians can hone their skills and knowledge on a singular, reliable platform, fostering greater confidence in their clinical decision-making. Such an approach will simplify the treatment process so that dentists can confidently address a wide range of clinical scenarios with proficiency and ease.