About Straumann® Smart Online Education

Straumann® Smart provides you with an excellent combination of clinical education, product training and the opportunity for supervised training by an experienced mentor to help you successfully dive into the world of implant dentistry. Smart Online Education offers unique opportunities to refresh or deepen your knowledge about the treatment of straightforward dental implant cases.

Smart indication overview

Smart Online Education follows the structure of the dental implant treatment workflow for three indications: SmartOne, SmartMulti and SmartArch. To keep things simple, we have split the respective workflows into four treatment stages. Each of these stages comprises several treatment steps where you will closely interact with your patient or dental technician.


Straumann SmartOne

Learn about implant treatment in patients with a missing single tooth in the posterior region.


Straumann SmartMulti

Learn about implant treatment in patients with a small multiple tooth gap in the posterior region.


Straumann SmartArch

Learn about implant treatment in fully edentulous patients with a tissue-borne mandibular denture.

Smart training materials

In collaboration with Prof. Dr. Christoph Hämmerle, Prof. Dr. Ronald Jung, Dr. Francine Brandenberg-Lustenberger and Dr. Alain Fontolliet from the Clinic for Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics and Dental Material Science at University of Zürich, Switzerland, we have created a comprehensive range of practice-oriented training materials for each treatment step.

The clinical SmartArch videos showing the prosthetic workflow with the Straumann® Novaloc® Retentive System have been produced with the kind support of Dr. Murali Srinivasan and Sabrina Maniewicz from the Division of Gerodontology and Removable Prosthodontics, University Clinics of Dental Medicine, University of Geneva, Switzerland.

Get started and explore the following training materials now:

  • Interactive e-books comprising clinical information and step-by-step instructions on the use of selected Straumann® products, which are linked to clinical videos, product descriptions, a resource center, and a number of interesting ITI Online Academy learning modules.
  • Clinical videos showing the most important clinical work steps and the correct handling of designated Straumann® products.
  • Product descriptions summarizing the products’ indicated use and their most important technical specifications.
  • Resource center comprising checklists, record forms, consent form, patient information, and additional written information.
  • ITI* Online Academy learning modules providing narrated clinical information about implant-related aspects on the straightforward level. 
  • Self-assessments for testing your level of knowledge and identifying any knowledge gaps.

* The International Team for Implantology (ITI) is one of the largest independent academic organizations in implant dentistry and the related field of tissue regeneration. For more than 30 years, Straumann has enjoyed a unique partnership with the ITI. This partnership has contributed significantly to Straumann’s reputation as the evidence-based partner of choice for dental professionals.

How to make best use of Smart Online Education

The essence of Smart Online Education are the e-books.
Each e-book has interactive functions which allow you to easily and quickly navigate through the document. Furthermore, the e-books are linked to a number of training materials such as clinical videos, product descriptions, checklists, forms, ITI Online Academy learning modules, etc. You have seamless access to important complementary information and can dive into an inspiring and diverse learning experience.

Read through the e-books whilst you are online to fully benefit from the interactive functions.

What the Smart Icons stand for

You will find these icons in the e-books. They indicate different interactive functions, warnings or tips, or lead you to useful additional information.Read through the e-books whilst you are online to fully benefit from the interactive functions.

  • Open and/or download supporting checklists, forms, patient information, etc.

  • Important information! Please pay special attention.

  • Helpful tip, trick or recommendation.

  • Watch a clinical video supporting the text.

  • Access product descriptions, instructions for use, and important websites.

  • Jump to a chapter/section within the e-book.