Straumann Scientific Highlights

Issue No. 5/2019

July - August

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Editor’s choice: Clinical study comparing two types of dental implants supporting fixed reconstructions - 5 years follow up (Alexis I et al. 2019).

In the current issue of the newsletter, we would like to draw your attention on the article by Alexis et al. published in the Clinical Oral Implants Research (COIR).

The authors compared clinical outcomes of two types of dental implants, namely Straumann® BL implants (SLActive®) and Dentsply Osseo Speed TX implants at 5 years of loading.

They report 100% survival rate of the Straumann BL implants and only 96.11% for the Dentsply implants. Additionally, technical complications rate was 24.2% and 6.5% for Dentsply and Straumann® implants respectively.