Straumann® Smart

Bridge the gap between dental implant training and your first real case.

With online training at your fingertips 24/7

It is not uncommon that several months pass by between the completion of an implant training program and the treatment of your first real implant patient. To allow you to refresh or deepen your training knowledge anytime, we have created a new and unique self-learning platform. Smart Online education provides dental GPs with the opportunity to refresh or expand their knowledge, available on demand 24/7.

Market research shows that dental GPs perceive online training and continuous education as key to their success to getting started in the world of implantology.

Straumann is committed to enabling GPs to feel confident to successfully start and continue placing or restoring dental implants. To achieve this, we have developed Smart, a holistic solution that has been specifically developed to support dental GPs to get started by providing enabling and intuitive training. That’s why we’ve developed Straumann Smart in close collaboration with renowned clinicians from the University of Zurich. 

Straumann® Smart is much more than just a training course, it is a holistic solution combining key elements that are critical for a dentist to succeed as an implantologist Smart provides an optimal blend of clinical education, hands-on product training and e-learning with one-to-one supervision by an experienced mentor. Smart helps dental GPs gain hands-on experience, refresh their knowledge and improve their skills to instill confidence to successfully get established in the world of implant dentistry. 

The Straumann® Smart Online Education platform gives you access to a unique self-study platform providing you with an interactive learning experience. Our Straumann® Smart eLearning materials are 100 % harmonized with the content covered during the classroom training. They are accessible 24/7 and allow you to dive deeper into specific implant-related aspects or to refresh your knowledge at your own pace.


As a Smart customer, you will have exclusive access to an optimal mix of practice-oriented online training materials relating to the treatment of straightforward implant cases such as: 

  • Interactive PDFs comprising implant-related clinical theory and information on the step-by-step use of selected Straumann® products
  • Clinical videos demonstrating the treatment procedure step-by-step
  • A resource center with checklists, editable forms and patient information
  • Technical product information
  • Self-assessment tools to track your level of knowledge
  • Country-specific information such as local mentoring programs, speakers, courses, service offerings and sales promotions 
  • Seamless access to selected ITI (International Team for Implantology) Online Academy e-learning modules. The ITI is one of the largest independent academic organizations in implant dentistry and the related field of tissue regeneration 


In conclusion, as a global leader in implant, restorative and regenerative dentistry, we share the same passion as dental professionals around the world for quality and a desire to achieve the best patient outcomes. We believe that providing enabling and intuitive, continuous training and support to dentists is fundamental. Smart provides a unique online education platform allowing dentists to update and refresh their knowledge 24/7. Bridge the gap and let Smart from Straumann fast-forward your journey into the world of implantology.