WIN (Women's Implantology Network) – Inspiring and engaging women in Implantology

Argentine spirit!

First WIN Core Group meeting workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina: Be part of the change

The Core Group was formed after an intense day of discussion and analysis, in a climate of great enthusiasm, confidence and commitment.

About WIN

"Believe in your dreams. Be determined, because yes – you can!” France Lambert

We are a global network of dental professionals committed to embody, embrace and harness the power of gender diversity. With a majority of women graduating from dental schools, but only a minority of them becoming active in implantology, patient access to implant therapy is at risk.

Our mission is to engage women in implant dentistry and to empower them to achieve their ambitions. How do we achieve it?

  1. Raising awareness
  2. Offering networking opportunities
  3. Keeping WIN members on top of implant dentistry
  4. Offering mentorship for advancing in leadership roles in academia or private practice


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A group of women with an important clinical and academic experience in the field of implantology was brought together to run WIN in Argentina. The group will drive Straumann’s initiative, which enables the professional development of women in implant dentistry at all stages of their career.

The day started with an introduction to the initiative from Dr Roxana Aguayo, who is part of the international core team, serving as the link to the overall global strategy and the learnings from WIN in other countries. Then, the group discussed how to best implement the initiative in Argentina, adapting it to the local situation and needs. 

A group of exceptional professionals

Each woman in the group shared her education path and professional development in several academic institutions as well as in private practice. All the members have a bit of both worlds: they are both professors and private practitioners. 

This activity was very enriching, on the one hand to start knowing each other and on the other to uncover the high level of education, training and passion of the women who form the group. The great human capital that exists in implantology in our country showed us that, through WIN, we have the opportunity of consolidating and strengthen it in order to make a change.

“It is essential that we focus on grade level training, so that women incorporate implantology as a valid and accessible alternative for their postgraduate development. This will allow us to improve the quality of patient care, which should always be our main objective.”

María Marta Fernandez, Buenos Aires

Current vision of the role of women in Implantology in Argentina

During the debate, the local situation was analyzed: in Argentina, many women specialize in implantology and perform surgery, which is already a big step compared to other countries where the number of women engaged in this discipline is very low.

However, when it comes to leadership roles, speakers, KOLs, professorships and clinic general managers, there are practically no women. Climbing up the ladder to these positions is very difficult.

The importance of having role models as inspiration and guidance in the professional development also emerged. The current lack of women in leadership roles in our country is one of the first things to address.

Through WIN, we can give visibility to the few role models in Argentina and make the international ones accessible to the group. We can transform leading personalities into mentors that support the development of the new generations, paving the way for high quality dental implant treatments. 

“In my career I have been lucky to find a professional female model to follow, who guided me in my academic and clinical growth. It is necessary to develop this type of professional profile and most of all to make them visible. It is an objective that with WIN we will achieve.”

Cinthia Chilo, Córdoba Capital

Great enthusiasm for what’s yet to come

It was a great start and we will organize a second meeting very soon to work on address further topics and next steps. Once the initiative is up and running, expected by September this year, we will expand the group by inviting members to join.

“The idea in WIN is to join forces, taking the best of each and form a global network that can make history in the lives of women who are dedicated to Implantology in any corner of the world.”

Roxana Aguayo, Buenos Aires

Sharing the first moments of a great adventure together

At the end of the evening, we were able to enjoy relaxed moments of chats and sharing of anecdotes at the Brick Hotel. We enjoyed the opportunity of getting to know each other more personally, strengthening the human bond of the new group. We all left very excited and also fortunate for “being part of the change”.