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Clinical skills and an in-depth product knowledge are the foundation of long-term success in implant dentistry. Our modular Smart training program is an ideal starting point to discover the world of implant dentistry.

The Smart curriculum allows you to benefit from:

  • A modular, clinical and product training following the structure of the dental implant treatment workflow
  • Training content tailored to the treatment of straightforward indications
  • A broad variety of practical hands-on sessions
  • Experienced speakers
  • Networking with peers

The training content was developed in collaboration with renowned clinicians from the University of Zürich.

See some snippets from our classroom training

Structure of the Smart curriculum

Stage 1 – Assessment and treatment planning

Stage 2 – Surgical procedures

Stage 3 – Prosthetic procedures

Stage 4 – Aftercare and maintenance

Step 1 – Patient's expectations, history and examination Step 1 – Implant surgery Step 1 – Impression-taking Step 1 – Review visit
Step 2 – Treatment planning Step 2 – Post-operative review and suture removal Step 2 – Fabrication of the final prosthesis Step 2 – Maintenance visit
Step 3 – Consultation and consent   Step 3 – Insertion of the final prosthesis  
Step 4 – Fabrication of the surgical drill template      

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