Research and development

Beyond immediate commercial interests – in the interests of patients and dental professionals.

Our investment in research and development

Despite persisting difficult economic circumstances and pressure to cut costs, we have maintained our annual investment in R&D at more than 5 % of net revenues. Straumann has built an efficient system to ensure high-quality research, based on a dedicated team of internal specialists who collaborate with a network of renowned researchers, clinicians and academics.

Preclinical and clinical research

Research is conducted in our own laboratories and in specialist clinics, practices and universities around the world. R&D evaluation extends from basic ‘in-vitro’ research to ‘in-vivo’ preclinical studies, pilot and advanced clinical trials, and broad in-market surveillance.

Research on our products by global opinion leaders

Straumann actively supports investigator-initiated studies, which are initiated by external collaborators wishing to perform investigations using our products and technologies.

We also work closely with the International Team of Implantology (ITI), one of the largest independent academic organizations in implant dentistry.