More than a partnership. A synergy of strengths.

Today, implant procedures increasingly take into account not only purely functional, but also esthetic aspects. In about 40% of all implantations clinicians include regenerative procedures to build up bone and soft tissue.

Straumann regenerative products are designed to restore gums, oral bone and periodontal tissues that support teeth.

Through our partnership with botiss biomaterials we provide complete oral tissue regeneration solutions to dental professionals worldwide. Botiss is Europe’s second largest supplier of oral tissue regeneration products. Its portfolio of clinically proven, high quality solutions includes membranes for guided tissue and bone regeneration, a full range of bovine, allogenic and synthetic bone graft materials, as well as soft-tissue-graft products.

With botiss, Straumann is able to offer an unparalleled range of regenerative solutions to support implant and periodontal procedures. This means that customers can obtain everything for a complete solution from one company. Botiss products are available in Europe. Regulatory clearances still have to be obtained in the American and Asian markets. Straumann offers a portfolio of regenerative solutions in North America in collaboration with LifeNet and other partners.

botiss regeneration system

By partnering with botiss, we are now able to offer our clinicians and their patients* a complete product portfolio for oral tissue regeneration in various treatment situations—whether the scope is to save the patient’s tooth or to replace it with a dental implant. Our wide variety of predictable and scientifically proven regenerative treatment solutions includes biologics such as Straumann® Emdogain®, bone substitutes, membranes, soft tissue grafts and fleeces.

* coming soon in selected regions