Hugo Madeira
City: Lisbon, Portugal
Academic qualifications: Dr.
Specialization: implantology, cosmetic dentistry
Current Position: CEO at Advanced Dentistry Clinic Dr. Hugo Madeira

What will he talk about?
How digital Marketing helps you to grow our practice
Nowadays digital communication, due its evolution, takes a great part in our life. Living in a society increasingly controlled by social media, with the right strategy and positive publicity about your practice you can easily establish a good reputation in the community.
Digital marketing allows us to pass the right message and reach patients when and where they need. Dentist market is becoming more sophisticated and dental technology is in constant evolving, but as patients are unaware of this evolution, it is difficult to them to believe in something that till today was so conventional. It’s our duty to explain the benefits of new technologies in dentistry.
Digital marketing is not complicated, you just have to set your goal and build up a strategy to achieve it.

Who is Hugo Madeira?
After almost 10 years as a medical dentist, Dr Hugo Madeira has been directing his work towards implantology and cosmetic dentistry. He was a pioneer of “Smile Design” concept in Portugal.

In 2009, Dr Hugo Madeira has decided to open his own practice and created the Advanced Implantology Clinic in the heart of Lisbon, which is now a one of the most prestigious practices in implantology and cosmetic dentistry. Since then he has rapidly evolved and has been a regular presence throughout major conferences around the world and a solid opinion leader in national news (SIC) and in several talkshows (Você na TV (TVI).

With a rising international career, Dr Hugo Madeira has been travelling around the world to share his experience and also to learn the best high-end solutions to offer to his patients.

Despite his youth, Dr Hugo Madeira is already a top of mind doctor with clients from all over the world (UK, USA, Switzerland, Netherlands, France).

Dr Hugo Madeira has also founded Lisbon Dentistry Academy, an advanced training center for professionals in dentistry, specialized in the training of new methodologies and innovative techniques. Many of the top dentistry specialists in the world have already taught in the Academy, and the great majority of the courses were sold out within hours, after being announced. The academy also works as an important door to Lisbon and Portugal, since this also a way of attracting specialists and students to our country. A true learning experience with students from around the world that have the opportunity to know Lisbon in a learning trip.