Ken Fischer
City: Villa Park, CA, USA
Academic qualifications: DDS
Specialization: orthodontics
Current Positions: Private Practice, Clinical Advisor for ClearCorrect

What will he talk about?
How Clear Aligner can fit into your practice concept
Clear aligners have been moving teeth since the early 1960s, but today’s treatment effectiveness has changed dramatically since then. The improvement of the aligner techniques and methodology is only a small part of the success of these clear, removable trays. The scope of treatment for the correction of malocclusions has expanded from closing small spaces to now effectively correcting complex, comprehensive malocclusions with quality results. This noteworthy evolution has brought orthodontic treatment into more dental practices than ever before. No longer an option just for orthodontic specialists, clear aligners are now being used by general dentists, periodontists, oral surgeons, pedodontists, and, yes, even the DIY public. This presentation will explore how clear aligners can be utilized to meet the needs of the dental profession where some degree of tooth movement is desired.

Who is Ken Fischer?

Dental Education

  • DDS from UMKC in 1971, General Dental rotation as a Captain in USAF 1971-1973
  • Orthodontics certificate from UCLA in 1975

Private Practice

  • Orthodontics in Villa Park since 1975, Associate with Robert M. Ricketts 1976-1994

University Affiliations

  • Visiting lecturer in Orthodontics: UCLA and Loma Linda University

Professional Affiliations

  • Clinical Advisor for ClearCorrect
  • 13-year member Align Technology Clinical Advisory Board (CAB)
  • Past Biomers Clinical Advisor for SimpliClear
  • Consultant to the Dental Board of California
  • Forensic odontologist – Orange County Sheriff-Coroner’s Department
  • Presenter: 2013 OCSD P.O.S.T Course
  • Attended Miami- Dade Medical Examiner’s 2007 Forensic Odontology Practicum
  • Consultant to the Santa Ana Police Department