Marcel Obrecht

Marcel Obrecht helds a university degree in biotechnology, specialized in tissue engineeering. In 2005 he joined the reseach and development group at Straumann and since 2014 he’s global product manager for new implant project, first BLT and afterwards BLX.

Herbert Polzhofer

Dr. Herbert Polzhofer studied molecular biology in his home-town Vienna. After his Ph.D. at the ETH Zurich, he became global product manager for orthopedic implants. 

Since 2016, Herbert translates as Product Manager for New System Projects the customer needs into innovative solutions and longlasting products. Currently, he drives the prosthetic portfolio of BLX.

Dr. Christian Jarry

Dr Christian Jarry is a Brazilian Oral Surgeon and Periondontist, he holds a Masters degree in Periodontology and a Ph.D in Implantodology. He has worked for over a decade in the two main Brazilian Dental Schools as Associate Professor and Dental Implant course coordinator and has joined Straumann in 2017 as Dental & Medical expert.