Andre Chen


  • Co-founder International Advanced Dentistry IAD
  • Oral Surgery Specialist - OMD College of Portugal
  • Doctor in Oral Surgery and Medicine (PhD)
  • Oral Surgery Post-Graduate Course (2008-2011, FMDUL Lisbon)
  • NYU College of Dentistry, Implant Dentistry Alumni (2006-2008, New York)
  • NYU Continuing Education Oral Rehabilitation Program (2004-2006, New York)
  • Clinical Dental Research Program (2012, Washington University, Seattle)
  • Master of Science in Bone Regeneration (MSc, FMDUL Lisbon)
  • Graduated in Dentistry at FMDUL, Lisbon University
  • Oral Surgery and Implant Dentistry Faculty, FMDUL since 2004