Andrzej Bugajski

City: Gdansk, Poland

Current Positions: CEO of Rebel Artistry Creative Agency

What will his lecture be about?

Digital Marketing – A Challenging Tool for Dental Professionals

In modern times we often ask ourselves:

  • How can we use social media as professionals?
  • How can we present ourselves and communicate effectively with other professionals and our patients?
  • Should I have a website?
  • Which is better: Facebook or Instagram? Or maybe others?

These are the challenges that so many of us find quiet difficult to tackle.

During their presentation you will be able to follow the path that Laurence Adriaens went through to build up a strong WIN (Women Implantology Network) community. Together with Andrzej Bugajski and his experience in digital marketing they will present best online and social media practices which you could implement to boost your online presence.

Who is Andrzej Bugajski?

CEO and Art Director of Rebel Artistry Creative Agency, focusing on neuromarketing and effective sales. 

Has been successfully working in the field of dental marketing since 2011. 

He is passionate about effective patient streaming via social media marketing and Google ads.

Communication and sales strategist, brand manager and content marketer for dental services.

Dedicating his daily work to actively expand dental practices, training dentists and their staff to provide the best patient experience.

Trainer and lecturer at Dawson Academy. A devoted cinematographer and photographer.