Daniëlle Boonzaaijer

City: Hilversum, Netherlands

Academic qualifications: MSc

Specialization: endodontics

Current Positions: Head of Quality and Safety at TopMondzorg

What will her lecture be about?

Looking at the data of our clinics, we see that there are big differences in the number of placed implants between the clinics. We see that in those clinics where implantologists work, the option of an implant is chosen more often. The interesting questions is of course if this is the best option. To answer that question we should look back in time and measure the outcome of our work and our clinical choices. In this workshop we will discuss the different indications for placement of an implant as well as the different indicators that can help us define the quality of the treatments. What do you think is an indication for an implant? And how do you define a successful placement of an implant? Join this workshop for an interactive discussion about indications and indicators!

Who is Daniëlle Boonzaaijer?

Daniëlle Boonzaaijer: After graduating from the ACTA in Amsterdam, Daniëlle Boonzaaijer has worked for 10 years as a general dentist, as co-owner of a practice. In 2010 she graduated from the post-doc programme in endodontics at ACTA and worked as a endodontic specialist in a referral clinic. From 2017 she is heading quality and safety at TopMondzorg, a dental care  organisation in the Netherlands which provides dental care in over 100 clinics. Daniëlle is a former chair of the Dutch Endodontic Society and currently boardmember of KiMo, the Dutch organisation for developing clinical guidelines in dentistry.